Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New England Aquarium Community Event

The New England Aquarium hosted a community outreach event this past Sunday in order to provide those who might not have had the opportunity for various reason to visit and experience all that the NEAq has to offer.  Additionally, the NEAq outreach programs help to educate others in becoming better "ocean stewards" because all of our worlds are joined together and dependent by our oceans being healthy.

Children and parents alike are enjoying "Edge of the Sea" touch pool where they can interact directly with some of the animals.
This is a shot from one of the biggest attractions that contain the "Leafy Sea Dragons".  These animals practically disappear in the underwater vegetation.

Visitors even got a surprise visit from "Troy" the penguin who mingled with the crowd and posed for many photographs!

Be sure to visit the New England Aquarium in downtown Boston and learn how we all depend on a healthy ocean and its inhabitants.

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