Sunday, September 26, 2010

New England Aquarium Whale Watch

As many of you may know, I volunteer my photography services at the New England Aquarium (NEAq) where I photograph events, as well as animals for them to use in their efforts to further the public's education about our marine world and how we are all bound together by our world's oceans.

This past Saturday, the NEAq hosted several families as part of their ongoing effort to promote being good "Ocean Stewards" and specifically educating the participants on the variety of whales in our oceans.  During these Learning Labs, there were hands on exhibits that provided a unique view into the world of these gentle giants' habitat, family life and struggles. 

After the Learning Lab, we all boarded the NEAq's Voyager III high-speed catamaran and headed some 40 miles outside of Boston Harbor to a location where whales had been feeding earlier in the day.  Immediately upon our arrival, we were witness to a beautiful humpback whale splashing it's pectoral fin playfully in the water. The whale surfaced multiple times while were were on location.   

Unfortunately, the waves began getting challenging not only for the Captain but also the passengers.   As a result, we had to head for shore after only a few moments.  As if to make up for having to cut our journey short,  we were treated to a spectacular sunset on the way home which provided for a great photo op. 

"Heading Home"

I had a great time and hope you enjoy reliving our journey through my images.  Be sure to experience your own adventure at the NEAq and/or one of their upcoming whale watches.  You can find out more about NEAq at

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