Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Full Speed Ahead!

NEWS BIT:  Full Speed Ahead
As a result of a very successful marketing campaign this month, we kicked off our holiday sessions this week and our calendar is now completely booked through the remainder of 2010!  We are looking forward to working with all of our new and repeat clients over the next several weeks.

NEWS BIT:  CoreNet Global 8th Annual Awards Event
For the 7th year in a row, we were both the photography and technology sponsor for the CoreNet Global "Awards of Excellence" program.  There was a great turnout of over 400 attendees at the event which was held at the Boston Seaport Hotel.  This program recognizes professionals in the corporate real estate industry for their commitment to excellence and ability to move the industry forward as a whole.  Emcee'd by Channel 5's Kelley Tuthill, the winners received their awards in front of their peers and families.

NEWS BIT:  Ross Family Portrait Session
Despite the chilly temperatures, wind and the sparse foliage, we had a lot of fun with the Ross family during our session.  The Ross' handled the jumping in and out of their jackets at all of our different locations like champs and we were able to capture some great images.

NEWS BIT:  Awards This Week
I received 2 "Picture Of The Day" awards this week.

This image won on Photographyvoice.com.

This image won on Steves-digicams.com.

TECH BIT:  On Location or NOT!
Some of you may have seen some recent news stories about the security concerns around the GeoTagging of images feature on many smart phones.  This is something you definitely want to be aware of so that you can make prudent choices on when and how you use the feature.  When you take a picture with your smartphone, it will automatically embed the latitude and longitude coordinates of where you are when the shutter clicks.  If you then post that picture on some social networking sites like Twitter, that information remains part of the image and anyone that wants to can then extract that information from the image and determine exactly where you were when you snapped the picture.

Criminals have recently been using this knowledge to track people who are taking photos while on vacation or at the movies and posting online to then burglarizing their homes since they know they are away.  This information can also be used to stalk a person if they are consistently posting to the social networking sites.

To protect yourself you should educate yourself on how to turn that feature off and on with your particular phone.  Additionally, parents should absolutely know how to control this feature on their children's phones and check it regularly to ensure that the setting has not been changed.  Also, find out if the coordinates are stripped out of images on the sites you want to post to and take appropriate measures.  For instance, Facebook specifically removes those coordinates unless you tell them not to.

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