Monday, January 17, 2011

Apps for those on the go ...

TECHNOLOGY BIT:  Apps for those on the go ...

I read an interesting snippet in a recent edition of "Departures Magazine", a magazine geared toward luxury travel around the world.  This little tidbit was in the tech section called "The Digital Traveler" written by Brandon Perlman who reports on the latest and greatest tech finds geared toward those who travel frequently.  Here's a list of four apps that can help those on the go, stay in connected, find their way and figure out what the title of that darn song is that you have been walking around humming all day.

Nike + GPS:  This app uses the iPhone's GP to track you while you are jogging along, humming that song that is in your head that you can't figure out what the heck the title is.

WorkSnug:  This app helps you locate the nearest workspace that has power and wireless to get connected and working.  Users of the service rate locations based on a variety of items like noise levels, availability of services like wireless, power etc.

TiVo for iPad:  This one is pretty obvious as it allows you to remotely control your TiVo so you can rest easy knowing that you can connect and set the record on your favorite show.

SoundHound:  FINALLY, now I can figure out what the name of that darn song is that I've been walking around humming all darn day!  This cool app can listen to you hum the tune and then through amazing magic, will identify what the song and artists are and then even better provides you links to purchase the song that has been driving you crazy all day and links to watch any related videos.

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