Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Turn your smart phone into a bar code scanner!

TECHNOLOGY BIT:  Turn your smart phone into a bar code scanner!

Most smart phones today have hundreds, even thousands of applications (apps) written for them that allow you to add functionality.  What I'm covering today is the principle of adding an app to your smart phone that will enable you to scan bar codes and instantly get the location for best pricing on products.  And the best part is the the app is free in a lot of cases.  The one that I am reviewing at the moment is for the iPhone and is called pic2shop and can be downloaded from the App Store for FREE!

Basically the process is you download this app on your iPhone and then you can scan any bar code and get a list of stores that carry the product and the current price for that product.  This way you can check to see if you are getting a good deal.  You can also share the product online via just about any social media venue out there (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, StubleUpon, Myspace etc.).  It's really easy and fun to use and it can help you save money which is always a good thing!

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