Friday, February 11, 2011

Secure Your Facebook Account

Hey Everyone,

Have you checked out the new Facebook features recently released.  There have been some nice features added and some ... not so nice!  However, I want to draw your attention to one feature in particular that will help you increase the security on your account.  This is the "Secure Browsing" feature that will run your Facebook session through the secure web version of Facebook rather than the normal version.  The way you can tell that you are on a secure website where your information and session details are encrypted is by the address.  Secure sites will have an "S" added to the "HTTP" so it will begin "HTTPS" instead of "HTTP".  The benefit of this is that it makes it much more difficult for those looking to steal your account information to do so.

You can enable this feature by following the instructions below:

1)  Login to your Facebook account
2)  Click the Account menu item and select Account Settings
3)  Click "change" next to Account Security section in your Settings Tab
4) Check the box to enable Secure Browsing as shown below.

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