Friday, August 12, 2011


Has the summer started to get away from you since the end of the recent Cal Ripken Tournament? Been meaning to log onto the Photos by R. Brogen website and place your order for pictures? Let us help you tick one thing off your “to do” list and save while doing it!

As you know, THIS weekend, Saturday, August 13th and Sunday, August 14th, is a TAX FREE weekend in Massachusetts. Log into our new and improved E-Store ( and order your prints and/or merchandise either day and save the 6.25% you would normally pay on your order. “LIKE” us on Facebook ( and save an additional 5% on your order…THAT’S A TOTAL OF 11.25% SAVINGS! : )

Below are instructions to access our E-Store:

1.      Go to and click the “E-Store” option at the very end of the menu bar
2.      Once on the E-Store site, select the “Client Galleries” option; you should now see a listing of available galleries
3.      When you enter the Cal Ripken gallery, you will see a listing of the games on the left side; to view images from a particular game, simply click on the respective link and the images will appear at the right
4.      As you mouse over the thumbnails, you will have the option to add an image to your “Favorites” folder should you want to review your images by themselves and not among the other teams, etc; you can view your Favorites on the tab at the top of the screen
5.      To order simply add your desired images to your cart and then checkout when ready

Please contact us at the studio via telephone (781.229.6865) or via e-mail ( with any questions you may have.

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