Monday, August 22, 2011

Mountain Haus

Some friends of ours invited us up for a weekend at Mountain Haus, a place that a friend of their's let them use.  This 150 acre destination sits on the side of a mountain in Surry, NH and while secluded, is close enough to civilization for a quick 15 minute ride into town to get supplies. We had a great time hiking, swimming and kayaking in the pond and the kids loved catching and releasing countless frogs and salamanders. 

This picture was taken about half way between Mountain Haus and its pond.  It is from a bracketed exposure with a modified HDR finish.

Mother Nature even gave us a show when some thunder storms rolled through felling a couple of trees as well as great lightning in the valley.  This picture is a screen capture from a video taken through the screen of the front porch.

Thanks again to Dave and Margaret for the invite, as well as to Pete and Susan for sharing such a terrific getaway.

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