Friday, September 21, 2012

Staying Current: New Equipment Added

As part of the certification requirement, we are always continuing our education to stay current on the latest creative techniques, software and hardware on the market.  Every 5 years we must renew the certification, demonstrating that we have remained current with the latest technology, techniques and styles.  One part of staying current is constantly trying new gear to get the best results in any situation.  Today, we are very excited about our latest addition to our gear, FourSquare from LightWareDirect.  The new gear allows us to join up to 4 speed lights into one soft-box assembly and take advantage of the high-speed sync features giving us even more options for controlling the light and being creative. We can't wait to get out in bright sunlight and shoot a shallow depth field to create some stunning portraits.  Stay tuned for some samples of work created using this new gear!

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