Sunday, October 28, 2012

Awesome New Gear ...

We are always pushing the envelope with technology and techniques here at the studio and constantly learning new things.  A big part of our success is attributable to the fact that we can do things in ways that other studios can't because of our decades of experience in technology and business.  The technology in the world of photography is changing every day in cameras, lenses, accessories and software, and today we are very excited about the latest additions to our equipment inventory.

First we purchased Canon's new flagship camera, the EOS-1DX.  This thing does everything but cook your breakfast.  We have rented this model to use in various events in recent months but with our sports  and portrait divisions expanding more rapidly than even we could have imagined possible, it was clear that it was time to invest in our own unit.


Next, we added a really cool accessory, the WFT-E6a wireless file transmitter.  This little beauty allows us to continue our ability to photograph wirelessly tethered to numerous devices including an iPad.  This enables our clients to view images instantly as they are written to the camera's memory cards.  We have this ability currently with all of our Canon EOS 5D MK II cameras and it is extremely useful, not to mention just cool.
WFT-E6a Wireless File Transmitter

Finally, we added the newest EF 24-70mm L II lens.  The latest version of this work horse lens is tack sharp, fast and adds redundancy to our existing equipment inventory.

EF 24-70mm USM II
We are looking forward to putting this new gear into use right away!

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