Wednesday, January 29, 2014

See The Difference

Think of the three words that describe you as professional.  Now look at your website photograph.

Does that picture match the mental image that your words convey?  If not, you're sending the wrong signals.  You and your firm might be exactly what potential clients want and need.  But if the all-important first impression from photographs conveys anything less than the quality your company represents, those clients will take their business to the competition.

See what a difference it makes when you engage a Certified Professional Photographer to create your executive portrait.

Your Images are Everywhere
 In today's world of social media, photographs don't stay just on company websites.  Your portrait, along with those of employees, inevitably goes viral and appears on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and innumerable other sites.

Executive Portraits, Corporate Head Shots, Head ShotsAll of those images build and communicate your company brand.  They must portray your company, its people, and its mission with pride, accuracy and consistency.  Only a professional photographer can perform this important marketing task for you.  Snapshots casually posed and taken with little thought to composition, lighting, environment and theme, rarely do you justice.

Take charge of Your Messages
Executive Portraits, Corporate Head Shots, Head Shots

You can't always control how far and wide your photographs travel.  But you can ensure that thy portray the best elements of your brand: you and your team.  Engage a professional photographer to create authentic portraits.  The images will last at least three years and will reinforce the qualities that attract your best clients.

Whether your company's style is formal, casual or somewhere in between, we can create professional portraits that project class, quality, and professionalism.

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           Executive Portraits, Corporate Head Shots, Head Shots      Executive Portraits, Corporate Head Shots, Head Shots

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