Monday, May 26, 2014

"A Moment of Silence"

As we go about our Memorial Day enjoying time day off from our jobs, BBQs with families, etc, let's make sure we remember what today is truly about…

The brave men and women past and present who "Stood ready when the wolf growled at the door", who "Worked straight through holidays, and sometimes all night long" to make sure we were granted our freedom many years ago and keep it still today.

At Brogen Photography, we are especially blessed to have our own hero with us each many of you know, "The Boss" is a veteran who was fortunate to make it home from his many tours and conflicts, who at that time "Had no camera to shoot the landscape" but has one now and is thankful that all he shoots these days is a camera!

Thank you Randy, and all who have served, those who are still serving, and especially those who made the ultimate sacrifice so we could celebrate today!

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